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Quotes from letters and emails received from Brandon's friends:


Jan. 13, '03: "There are not enough words to describe the person that Brandon was. I just remember all of the nights we spent together taking extra batting
practice, lifting, going out to eat after workouts, going to Purdue, hanging out at SJC, talking about life etc. He was the best baseball player that I have ever played with on any team. Even though we would argue about who threw the worst batting practice (jokingly) or who was going to get the most hits for the year, we always knew that we were best friends on and off the field. I know there others back at home, family, high school friends, etc. that knew him longer and probably better, but for these past four years-- we were best friends. I loved him liked the brother I never had. Even though we didn't express our true feelings about each other, mainly because we are guys, we knew we were close. I just wish I had the chance to tell him how much I
respected him and cared for him as a friend. There will not be a day that goes by that I will not think about Brandon and what a great friend that he was. You and Mr. Hardy raised a great human being that left a long lasting impression on everyone he came to know. I love Brandon and will miss him greatly."

Jan. 10, '03: "I just want you to know that I was honored to serve as a pallbearer for Brandon. He was a great teammate and friend. He was always there to help me. Baseball won't be the same without him."

Mar. 25, '03: "I will never forget about the conversation Brandon and I had before the accident. I talked to him right before it happened and yes it hurts me every time i think about it. I am hurt every time i put on a uniform because he is all i remember. The conversation was something that titled Brandon Hardy. He made me laugh during it because he was suppose to meet up with me that night with Sara and he goes, " OD, do i ever lie to you, i will be there soon," and i said to him, Brando, "do what you got to do." and we both started laughing for no reason. That is just who he was, someone that made me happy..."

Apr. 16, '03: "...but all I know is that Brandon was a role model to me when I was just 14 and i dont know too many 18 year olds who were willing to hang out with 14 years old on weekends when they could be doing something with their friends.  I looked up to him very much and I still do, and its just so hard to see such a wonderful person here one day and gone the next..."

May 2, '03: "...not having Brandon here this semester. It sounds weird but I have a few pictures of him on my wall here at school and I talk to him every morning and before every night that I go out. It really helps me out a lot to be able to talk to him like that. It puts my life in perspective for me. I realize what is important and what isn't. I don't worry about the little things in life anymore. Like, to make things worse this semester, not only do I not have Brandon to talk to here at school..."

Dec. 30, '03: "...I still hear that song, "I can't believe we're in heaven" every
time I pass under route 83 and LaGrange so I know brando is still keeping tabs
on me.  I really miss him.  Just the goofy voice mails he used to leave me from
time to time during the season..."

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