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The Accident

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Our son, Brandon, and his girlfriend, Sarah Augustine, were killed in a tragic car accident shortly after 11:30 PM on Saturday, December 28, 2002.  A deer darted out in front of them from the heavily forested area, the car swerved, left the road, and hit a tree broadside. The paramedics say they died instantly.

The Brandon and Sarah crosses were built by Brandon's Uncle Glenn who is also his Godfather. The smaller center cross was built, signed, and erected by Brandon's teammates and friends from the Saint Joseph's College Pumas baseball team.

The center picture is a close-up of the glass that remains embedded in the tree. The scar from the t-tops of Brandon's Camaro can still be seen. The pain and sorrow from this loss is embedded in our hearts just as the glass and the scar remains in the tree. While the scar heals and fades a little it always remains.
Brandon's dad, Don, is shown in the third picture.  These pictures were taken in the Spring of 2003, several months after the accident.

Click here to see the video clip of Brandon and Sarah's story from Channels 7 and 5 News.

Warning: The video can be upsetting. It is not graphic, just sad... 

Note: It is a 65.5 MB file and may take time to load.

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